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Your Curated Wellness Journey

With our extensive menu of treatments, allow our therapists to take you on a journey of rejuvenation. Our team of leading therapists spare no effort in honing each technique and treatment to ensure you feel revitalised within a sanctuary of warmth and calmness, for a complete mind and body refresh.

All Lapidem products used in our treatments are available for sale at Rikka Spa. Refer to Spa Program below for full retail list.

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Annupuri Nature Ritual

Signature Treatment Annupuri Nature Ritual

  • Full Body (Oil) with Foot Bath + Facial 120 min
  • Full Body (Oil) with Foot Bath 90 min
  • Improves the rhythm and balance of your body and mind / Improves unexplained disorders / Relieves fatigue / Deep peace and recovery / Brings harmony to energy and hormone balance / Improves immunity

Our Signature well-being journey has been designed to respect the beauty of nature, to learn from it and live with it based on traditional local remedies and the principles of Yin Yang together with the five element theories of oriental medicine. The wellness program begins with sound therapy inducing a state of deep relaxation. Using natural oils suited to the guest’s specific physical condition, the treatment approaches all the body’s meridians to release accumulated fatigue and restore balance. The 120-minute program includes a 30-minute skin therapy facial to help restore your skin’s natural glow.

Imbued with the beauty of Niseko’s nature, whilst incorporating traditional Japanese elements, it promotes the recovery of our self-healing power and balances the body and mind, to reclaim your true self.

  • Nature Welcome Ritual > Sound Therapy > Pre-therapy > Meridian Body Treatment > Head Therapy > Wake Up Ritual
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Seasonal Wellness Ritual

Seasonal Wellness Ritual

  • Half Body (Oil) 40 min
  • Full Body (Oil) 60 min
  • Full Body (Oil) 90 min
  • Improves muscular fatigue / Relieves fatigue and jet lag / Detox / Relieves stiffness and body tension

This Wellness ritual reflects the beauty of the season with a full body treatment using natural herbal oils and gentle rhythmical movement to help reduce toxins in the body. The feeling of being enveloped in nature’s blessings can help you unwind, heal tired joints and muscles, and relieve your stress.

The 90-minute treatment includes traditional Japanese KAPPO stretching elements, perfect for recovering from sports and the day’s activities.

  • Welcome Ritual > Sound Therapy > Kappo Stretching > Pre-therapy > Lymphatic Detox Treatment > Head Therapy > Wake Up Ritual

* The above treatment details are for the Full Body 90 min ritual.

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Therapeutic Body

Therapeutic Body

  • Half Body (Dry) 40 min
  • Full Body (Dry) 60 min
  • Full Body (Dry) 90 min
  • Relieves stiffness and body tension / Improves muscular fatigue

This program begins with an initial correction of the body's distortions, then uses an effective approach to the fascia to deeply relax the body and restore its lightness, which has been stiffened by sports or daily digital work. Being a dry treatment, it can be performed while wearing clothes.

The 90-minute therapy includes a neck and head treatment to relieve stress and eye strain that can easily accumulate in that area, leaving you refreshed and improving your performance on the following day.

  • Welcome Ritual > Sound Therapy > Seitai Bodywork > Body Treatment with fascial release and acupoints pressure > Neck and Head > Wake Up Ritual

* The above treatment details are for the Full Body 90 min.

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Conditioning & Therapeutic Body

Conditioning & Therapeutic Body

  • Full Body (Dry & Oil) 90 min
  • Relieves fatigue after sports / Removes stiffness and tension of the body / Improves muscle fatigue / Promotes blood circulation

This treatment begins with a dry treatment that approaches the body's contortions and the fascia, while the oil treatment that follows stimulates circulation and activates the lymphatic flow. The refined techniques of our therapists will help you to remove muscle aches and fatigue accumulated in your body. This program is recommended before and after intense activities such as skiing or for those who do bodywork on a daily basis.

  • Welcome Ritual > Sound Therapy > Seitai Bodywork > Body Treatment with fascial release and acupoints pressure > Conditioning Treatment > Head and Neck > Wake Up Ritual
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Spring Hot Stone Meditation Therapy 

Spring Hot Stone Meditation Therapy 

  • Half Body 60 min
  • Relieves sensitivity to cold / Brings harmony and balance / Promotes blood circulation / Relieves chronic pain and nervous tension / Improves immunity / Deep meditation

This special 60-minute treatment inspired by the rejuvenation of Spring includes a soothing aromatic foot bath using Hokkaido-grown lavender, a fragrant prelude to deep relaxation.

Inspired by the stone gardens of Zen philosophy, warm Karelian stones created by volcanic activity 2.8 billion years ago are used to melt away tension. Gentle pressure improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, and promotes a sense of profound peace as you reconnect with nature's energy and rediscover your inner balance. A head therapy treatment using locally sourced fresh mint oil completes the meditative journey of rejuvenation and helps you regain your true self.

  • Welcome Ritual (Aromatic Lavender Foot Bath) > > > Sound Therapy > > Pre-therapy > > Hot Stone Treatment > > Wake Up Ritual (Peppermint Head Therapy)
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Skin Health Therapy

Skin Health Therapy

  • Facial 60 min
  • Soothes the skin / Nourishes the skin / Improves dullness / Promotes turnover

This facial treatment is designed to help the skin recover from the damage caused by the strong UV rays in the mountains and leads to clear and bright skin. Based on ancient Japanese beauty rituals, this treatment will help relieve skin tiredness and restore a healthy balance.

  • Sound Therapy > Pre-therapy > Cleansing > Tenugui Washing > Rice Flour Scrub > Facial and Décolleté Treatment > Mask > Head Therapy > Moisturize > Wake Up Ritual