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Signature Journey

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Welcome Ritual

The Rikka Niseko Signature Journey begins with a ‘Welcome Ritual’. Hokkaido sake is used along with salts, seasonal herbs and essential oils with healing properties.

These ingredients and hot spring water are used to warm and purify the feet. By performing the ritual before the treatment, the mind and spirit are soothed and the benefits of the treatment are further enhanced. At the end of all treatments, the 'Wake Up Ritual' using locally produced peppermint oil and warm towels imbued in hot spring water will gradually lead you from a state of deep relaxation back to the present.

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Annupuri Nature Ritual with Facial Treatment

Our signature well-being journey has been designed to respect the beauty of nature, to learn from it and live with it based on traditional local remedies and the principles of Yin Yang together with the five element theories of oriental medicine.

This wellness program begins with a back scrub followed by a hot herbal compress to calm the autonomic nervous system. Using natural oils suited to the guest’s specific physical condition, the massage approaches all the body’s meridians to release accumulated fatigue and restore balance.

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Imbued with the beauty of Niseko’s nature

We use local seasonal herb compresses filled with natural ingredients from Niseko, pressed against the skin in harmony with the rhythm of the breathing to achieve deep relaxation.

Imbued with the beauty of Niseko’s nature, whilst incorporating traditional Japanese elements, it promotes the recovery of our self-healing power and balances the body and mind, to reclaim your true self.